Bed & Breakfasts: Amazing Alternative For Travel Accommodations

I’ve been helping a friend plan to convert her home in the northwest to a bed and breakfast for the past year-and-a-half.  She wanted to use her small 4 bedroom cottage as a getaway for family friendly pet lovers.  Not only providing a beautiful retreat for parents and their children; but also for their dogs and cats too.  Offering a continental breakfast and a limited menu for lunch and dinner.  Travel accommodations for tours and major attractions within two hours of the accommodation; like hiking, rock climbing, beach getaways, national monument tours and cityscapes.  A true home away from home that would function with a very small staff of only two or three people that clean the property, perform maintenance work, prepare food, drive guests to their desired escapes and perform tours, and look after their furry travel buddies while they’re out enjoying a leisurely adventure.


I’ve truly never heard of a getaway spot that offered such an experience.  It seemed like quite a bit of work for such a small staff.  Apparently, this isn’t as uncommon as I thought it might be.  Now there are various Bed and Breakfast spots across the country that are even larger that allow pets and offer accommodations to help visitors easily experience nearby adventures who are supplied with plenty of staff that are available during operating hours and for emergencies.  Bed and Breakfast spots are often found off the beaten path and in areas that are beautiful examples of the local architecture and culture, as well as history of the lay of the land.  Perhaps even grow their own produce and raise their own chickens to help provide for the food offered.  With the change in economy over the past decade, options for travel and vacationing have drastically changed and people are traveling far less for leisure.

Maybe not so surprisingly, Bed and Breakfast locations have managed to thrive through the great recessions obstacles.  People look for the hassle free travel options and since Bed and Breakfast accommodations are the oldest of traditions when it comes to traveling in luxury and style.  The idea of B&B’s are similar to hosting of guests before hotel accommodations and cruise liners were ever fathomed.  People from all around the world would open their homes up to travelers, feed them, entertain them and host them for the sake of providing warmth, shelter, safety and camaraderie.  The practice is still common today in locations that are not often visited by tourists and littered with resorts and the hospitality industry.

Bed and Breakfast spots can be found in countries like China, Cuba, India, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, most parts of Europe, Pakistan, Romania, and the United States.  They all follow different customs and regulations for hosting guests and they all are called something different based on the country you’re visiting: casa particular, panzio, zimmer, pensiune and more.  It’s amazing to see how they are all unique in their style and beauty; what they offer for their area; and what unravels in the quaint pleasantries that thrive there.


What & How To Start A Bed & Breakfast

What is Bed And Breakfast?

Bed and breakfast is a sort of a hybrid between a private home and a luxury hotel that embodies the best of the two worlds. It is a small establishment with four to ten guest rooms instead of 50 to 100 guest rooms or even more as seen in most hotels. The owners of bed and breakfast live on-site, and they interact and help travelers who may be residing in such places. In fact, travelers are treated as if they were guests., While starting your bed and breakfast, consider the following.



Whether you are starting your bed and breakfast to create a business out of a historic home that you like, to escape a rat race, to become a host or hostess just because you love the idea, or to supplement your income, profit is a primary factor you should consider. What revenue do you expect from your enterprise?

The answer to this question varies from an individual to another depending on the how long you want to operate, nature of the environment around your enterprise, some guest rooms you have, how you promote the business, and how hard you work towards your business success. One important thing that you should always remember is that bed and breakfast are not a high-income industry. Instead, the business makes a profit that you can use to cover some of your expenses. Having more guest rooms implies that you can make more profits especially when all the rooms are occupied.

Hiring employees

Depending on the current size of your enterprise and your occupancy rate, you will need to hire several employees to help you. At one point, you will need a room cleaner, someone to market your business or even to spent some time with the guests especially when you are busy. So, before you start a bed and breakfast, make sure that you know one or two people to hire as you look for more employees.


What to charge

The amount you will charge per room will vary depending on;

  • The amenities you offer
  • Where your business is located
  • General rates in your region

Based on your start-up cash, you can decide how much to charge to ensure that you have made profits even after meet all the expenses related to your enterprise. With time, you may notice that the business is growing and can generate more and more profits.
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